Articles from February, 2013

This is the second in an ongoing series of Unity related posts. Click here to read part one and try the day/night demo.

The next thing I set out to develop in Unity was a simple, touch controller ‘avatar’ that could move with a natural, fluid motion – the idea being that this simple interaction would be rewarding in it’s own right. I was hugely inspired by Journey for PS3, and how the players movements made up a large part of the overall experience – simply travelling through the world became one of the biggest rewards for playing the game.

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Last year, I began a several-month-long process of learning to use Unity – a highly accessible, cross platform 3D game engine – with the ultimate goal of exploring it’s potential to create an interactive ‘toy’ along the same lines as Windosill by Vectorpark.

In the process I built a series of experiments, each focusing on different aspects of the engine and all contributing towards a final “proof of concept” design. It’s unlikely that these experiments will become part of a finished project in their own right, so I’m keen to share them here, with a few things I learned along the way.

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